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What’s Growing Today? 

Green Things Nursery is an independent, family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality variety of products, common or unique, to our customers. Visit our nursery today to view our gardens.

Indoor plants, outdoor plants, cacti, citrus, shrubs, trees, annuals and more! When it comes to plants we have it all - large, small and in-between. Give your patio a tropical update with our palms, philodendrons, spider ferns and charlies. Deck out your yard with our large selection of cactus and desert-adapted shrubs and trees. Want to create your own edibles? Let us help you put together an herb and veggie garden, citrus grove or a cluster of stone fruits and apples! Need help with installation, our friendly crew will be glad to assist with planting and placement. 

Our Greenhouses and growing grounds are always open to the public. Guided tours are available each Sunday free to the public. Green Thing's crops rotate seasonally and frequently.


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